Contamination is an issue you should be aware of.

To make it easier to understand a little more about contamination in Diesel, how it got there and what your treatment options are we have produced these 4 wee videos.

The information applies to everyone who holds diesel in long term storage. Whether you have diesel in a tank in your boat or a bulk tank for a standby generator or a fire pump. Contamination is an issue you should be aware of.

We are here to help.

What we do

Fuel Polishing

The fuel polishing process is made up of a De-bug unit, the UV light, filter and separator.

In your Tanks

We are at the dawn of a new era. With the introduction of highly efficient engines, which offer both…

Critical Assets

If you have critical assets that are being protected by a standby generator you will need to ensure…

Diesel Bug

The organisms currently most frequently found in diesel fuel include moulds, yeasts and bacteria.

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