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Simply put, Fuel Right has been proven to be the best fuel system treatment available in the market today. The formula has been tested and fine-tuned over the past 20 years to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness.

Why Would You Need A Fuel System Treatment?

Over time, sludge fouls filters, strainers, nozzles and injectors and causes pitting corrosion in fuel tanks and fuel filter housings. Sludge formation has little to do with the initial quality of fuel; even the best fuel produces sludge when biological contamination and condensed moisture get together.

Fouled nozzles in heating systems lead to poor combustion, often with excessive noise and vibration. Fouled injectors in diesel engines result in rough running and loss of power. In both cases there will also be sooting and excessive air pollution as a result of incomplete combustion.

Perhaps the greatest concern is the corrosion of tanks. Pitting corrosion due to sludge contamination is the most common cause of fuel tank leaks.

So what does this all mean to you? In the case of home heating, these issues can result in profit loss due to increased service calls and loss of customers. In other applications such as in the tugboat or shipping industry, these problems can cause major delays and ultimate loss of revenue.

How Does Fuel Right Work?

Fuel Right inhibits the formation of sludge in clean systems and slowly breaks down existing sludge in fouled systems. The contaminants released in this process pass harmlessly through the system and burn as fuel. If there is free condensed water in a system, Fuel Right treats it with a fuel antifreeze, protecting against fuel system freeze-ups in the winter months. Most importantly, Fuel Right coats steel surfaces in your system, protecting them against corrosion from the combined effects of moisture and contamination.

The Fuel Right family of products is designed to work across a multitude of applications from home heating oil systems to marine and transport diesel systems.