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What we do

Diesel Clean offers the following services to our clients.

Fuel and Water tank inspection

We have a number of ways of checking the inside of your tanks. From water detecting paste, visual inspecting, checking the filters for evidence of contamination. Plus the endoscope capable of taking pictures and video of the inside of your tanks.

Fuel Tank Cleaning and Polishing

Diesel Bug, water and foreign objects are removed from your tanks using our ‘no mess’, closed cycle system. Your cleaned fuel will be returned to your tank. We will also suggest a long term strategy for reducing contamination in your fuel system.

Fuel Tank Access

To facilitate the proper effective cleaning of your fuel tanks we may need to install working ports. Sadly many boat builders will have assumed that your tanks would never need cleaning.

Fuel Gauges

While we are working on your tank it is a good time to have fuel gauges or site glasses installed or repaired.

Fuel Lines/Air Vents/Fillers

We will undertake the maintenance of all fittings up to and including the primary filters, Fuel Fillers, fuel lines , vents, pickups and filters.

Fuel Analysis and Reporting

We will organise and take samples for lab analysis. We will report on the quantity and quality of microbial contamination and recommend a treatment course.